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correctiveGet back into the ‘game’ quicker and safer, that game being an athletic event or the game of life!  Whether you have a nagging old injury or have recently been released from physical therapy, our Coaches have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the essential “next step” in your journey to being your best YOU! 

Poor posture, dysfunctional movement(s) or pain can be culprits of daily activity as well.  By analyzing your posture while sitting, standing, and with movement, we can determine the exercises needed to correct any imbalances found and re-teach your body how to hold its best posture.

The optimization of your pattern of movement is essential in overcoming and preventing future injury.   You may be able to perform a ‘squat’, but is the way in which you are executing it optimal for your goals??  Even something  as seemingly straightforward as the squatting movement can vary drastically depending on the outcome you are looking to achieve with the exercise.  Our Coaches will evaluate your movements and your goals to get you moving the best that you possibly can!  

Functional Movement Screening

The idea behind Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is to Move Well. Move Better.  The screening will take you through a series of 7 fundamental movements that you use in day to day life to evaluate your current range of motion, stability, mobility, and flexibility.  You will receive a score for each movement to determine if it is optimal, acceptable or dysfunctional.  The FMS will give you a very objective baseline to work off of, and create an exercise prescription off of.  Individuals of all ages and abilities can benefit from having screening.


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