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Fitness is more than just exercise, it's a lifestyle that is fueled by your mindset, habits, and nutrition. just eat fit was founded as a part of Just Get Fit with the intention of bringing local chefs and grocers together with the community in the pursuit of whole-body health and wellness. just eat fit teaches you how to stay healthy in the kitchen while cooking tasty meals packed full of natural ingredients and nutrition that will energize and empower your body.


About Jaqui Griffith, MSRD/LDN

Just Get Fit is excited to team up with Registered Dietician Jaqui Griffith! Jaqui earned her B.S. from Southeast Missouri State University and M.S. in Clinical Nutrtition from Florida State University. She has been a residential clinical nutritionist in the Tallahassee area since 1981. Jaqui is an ACSM Exercise Physiologist with a background in swimming, both as an athlete and as a coach. She competed in swimming both in high school and in college, and now serves as a swimming coach and as a swimming official. Jaqui's life goal is to help people get fit, stay fit, and stay out of nursing homes.


just eat fit ONE

ONE stands for Only Natural Energy: it's all about fueling your body with whole, unprocessesd foods. This means that any meal classified as a "ONE" is made using only real food -- no additives.

A few tips for eating "ONE":

  • Go back to nature. As much as possible, choose foods with only ONE ingredient (excluding spices and extracts).
  • Eat seasonally and purchase FRESH - this is when the food is ripened and is the most nutritious and tasty.
  • Watch your portions!
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Get ready to KICKSTART your nutrition!
Ready to learn more? We offer both 21 Day and 90 Day just eat fit programs. Our next 21 Days to Just Get Fit is coming up this October.
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