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sportsperfJust Get Fit’s health and fitness coaches work with all ages and levels of athletes from the beginner to the elite, to get you playing at your absolute BEST!  Gain muscle mass to increase your strength and power both on and off your playing field.  Improve your linear speed, agility, and ability to change direction.  Work on both your muscular and cardiovascular endurance.  Increase your stability, balance and flexibility… WIN your game!

When moving as an athlete, you travel in all three planes of motion, those being: Sagittal (front to back), Frontal (side to side), and Transverse (rotational), with most of your “in game” movements occurring in the transverse plane.  Our coaches utilize functional equipment including TRX suspension trainers, TRX rip trainers, medicine balls, BOSU elites, stability balls, and more, in combination with more traditional weight room exercises to ensure you get the results that you expect, and then some!