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Group X Workouts


(AM)aign Challenge: Join Coach Chris Maignan in the AM for a workout that will consistently challenge your commitment, strength, and endurance. This class will feature a little bit of strength and conditioning, cardiovascular exercises, sports movements, agility, competitions, challenges, and a LOT of fun! Get up, Get out and Get Fit!


groupx2Brickhouse Boot Camp: Set your alarm for o-dark-thirty! Movin’ and Groovin’ before the sun comes up to start  your day off with a BOOM! Get ready for a kick-you-know-what workout where ANYTHING goes and is always different … burn fat, increase your strength, improve your endurance, meet some AWESOME fitness friends, and more. An EARLY morning full of sweat, laughs, pumpin’ music, and FUN! 


FIT KIDS: Led by coaches dedicated to bringing the fun back to fitness for kids, introduce your child to the fun and excitement of physical activity in our program geared for kids. FIT KIDS promotes energetic, non-competitive, team participation with action packed games and educational activities to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle. For grades K-5.


Morning Madness: Exercise using the most “powerful” exercise equipment ever made…you! That’s right, YOUR BODY! You name it, we do it; BOSU Elite, Xtubes, Jropes, TRX Force, Rip Trainers, Balls of ALL sorts, tires, ropes… and to spice things up, we’ll add in some old school dance moves! Whether you are a beginner, an avid fitness enthusiast, or just tired of the same routine, come try thisHI-ENERGY Workout! Evening Madness 5:30PM Wednesdays!


Sports PLUS:...there's an 'athlete' just waiting to EXPLODE in ALL of US! Here's your chance…It's TEAM Work led by a Coach who’s passionate about your success in being the BEST you! We use the BEST FITNESS TOOL in the WORLD...YOU! Yes, YOU!


Sports Prep & Rec: STRETCHING - just for you. Looking to get rid of chronic pain, improve  athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury, or simply stay healthy for a lifetime? This workout incorporates athletic movement preparation through balance, coordination, and flexibility. Utilizing recovery techniques to include SMR - self myofascial  release-foam rolling, AIS-active isolated stretching, and Melt Method - hand/foot  techniques  will bring any athlete to the next  level.


Strength & Conditioning: “Cardi-NO!” and focus on becoming STRONG! This workout is designed to challenge your body with appropriate rest intervals to build muscle, and increase muscular strength endurance, and power. Accessory exercises such as “CORE” work are incorporated as well. Led by Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Coach Jen Bricker.


TRX Force: Suspension training at its BEST! Using your body weight and the TRX to work like never before, this workout allows all fitness levels from the beginner to the elite to perform the same exercises. Exercise modifications are coached for every individual. You are guaranteed to feel accomplished and challenged at the completion of the workout!


Weekend Warrior: Up your game by adding Saturday to your health and fitness mix! Rise and Shine, it’s time to work that body of yours; indoor/outdoor training! With this workout, you are guaranteed to WIN your weekend! 

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